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The Story of Newnan Book Company.

The dream of Newnan Book Company was ignited years ago.  From a young age I was drawn to the inviting atmosphere of bookshops and libraries, and that positive experience led me to a career in teaching.  My favorite position in teaching was that of an elementary school librarian.  To see the joy of “the littles” learning to read and being read to was so special. 


This same joy extended to seeing my own family develop a love for reading. Many weekends were filled with trips to a local bookshop where we would browse the stacks in pursuit of an adventure or a new idea to explore. Because I enjoyed the experience of bookstores so much, I began to wonder if the dream of owning my own bookshop could become a reality.  This was a dream that I sat on the shelf for a long time. I didn’t see how it could ever happen.  However, every time I would go into a bookstore, I would be quietly reminded of the dream.


A few years ago, I saw a quote from Walt Disney that moved my dream off the shelf and into reality. The quote read, “all dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.”  These were the words I needed for motivation and inspiration.  Words are powerful, and this one sentence called me into action.  I could not question the dream any longer; it was time to pursue it.


Many extraordinary events have happened in the process of opening Newnan Book Company. I encourage you to pay attention to the world around you; it will guide you and encourage you if you let it.  Follow your dreams and believe that every dream you are given is a possibility. You DO have the courage to pursue them.

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